Sunday, October 2, 2011

Scrolling: document up or viewport down?

My first graphical user interface was a Sun 3 running SunView. That's a classic WIMP interface bordering on antique. I was already a programmer so it's hard for me to separate the machine from the user interface. The machine's model of scrolling consists of a viewport window, a scrollbar and data to display (frequently another window). This is the model-view-controller paradigm invented for Smalltalk. It's easy to see the scrollbar thumb as being the position of the viewport over the data, so scrolling down means moving the thumb and viewport down the data and holding the data still.

My three year old son using a touch interface has a completely different mental model. The machine still uses the same model-view-controller paradigm, except the UI consists of dragging the document up rather than moving a scrollbar thumb down. What I call scrolling down, my son calls up. His model is more intuitive and simpler in every way.

This is really exciting! After 30 years of stagnation, user interfaces are finally changing.


  1. I upgraded my Mac to Lion and was surprised to see direct manipulation scrolling set as the default. It doesn't work as well on a notebook as a tablet, partly because scrollbars are desirable for a large canvas and partly because scroll wheels feel inconsistent.

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  9. Liverpool have "New Messi" in the team?
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  12. As for the back four, it will change 2 positions by sending Diogo Dalot to play at the right-back instead of Aaron Wan-Bissaka, while Victor Lindelof comes down to stand at the center of the pair. รีวิวคาสิโนออนไลน์ With Harry Maguire replacing Rafael Varane, Luke Shaw continues at left-back after Alex Tellis has yet to recover from injury.

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  17. The 36-year-old Portuguese forward will be able to beat two key rivals Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah and Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku to win the Premier League Golden Boot. This season, "Ronaldo" Bent, 37 years old, responded clearly to talk sports, the leading sports media in the city. After being asked who will be the Premier League's top scorer this season, "Lukaku will come next and I think Salah will be around, of course you have to look at players like Salah as well. "

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  24. This season, De Beck has only played two matches, one in the Premier League and one in the UEFA Champions League, for a total of 51 minutes.
    If the situation continues like this It is believed that he will need to find a new club urgently, รีวิวคาสิโนออนไลน์ whether on loan or outright buy because the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is beckoning.

  25. Gallas, who previously played for Arsenal, said: "I don't understand why Arsenal would pay £50m for a player who hasn't proven himself at such a high level. Yes, while Manchester United can pay around 40 คาสิโนฟรีไม่มีเงินฝาก
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  26. For those who Laporta would like to be the coach of the first team in the event of parting with Koeman is Belgian national team coach คาสิโน777 Roberto Martinez, however, Sport stated that Xavi is not interested in coming. Managed the reserve team of Barcelona in any way.

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  28. “Yes, it looks cool when it can be done. But players like Sancho and Lingard should just be playing football properly, to be honest, it frustrates me that they do this! If you've ever watched a player like (Ryan) Guggs, you'll see that someone like him, once they get the ball, will pass the ball to someone else with a one-two bounce. and then duel only one-on-one with competitors. We just want to run with possession of the ball. Try to show some tricks. Or do a little bit of heel hammering. Including seeing Lingard and Sancho trying to do that many people คาสิโนฟรีเครดิต too. They must have learned that football is not just about dribbling. Sometimes you can pass the ball to other people. and allows you to enter the penalty area.”

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  31. Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher says Arsenal and Tottenham are not so strong to say they are in the title race. As well as เกมสล็อต Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United.

  32. Back in the summer, some of the biggest clubs in Europe were reinforcing their squad despite clubs struggling financially เว็บคาสิโนออนไลน์
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  33. “Christian Pulisic is not available, while Mason Mount is too early for him. He was slightly รีวิวเว็บคาสิโน injured in the game against Aston Villa and he is now much better. But it's still not good enough.” “He was very disappointed. He played with injuries in that game. which I didn't feel at all Plus, play until the end of the game. And have the confidence to take on the responsibility of killing the penalty shootout It was just a minor injury. But it was disappointing for him and us. Because he is a player that we value. We will try to help him come back as soon as possible,” Tuchel said.

  34. Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher says Arsenal and Tottenham are not so strong to say they are in the title race. Along with Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United, Arsenal and Spurs are direct opponents as they are both based in north London. Which on Sunday, September 26, they will orbit each other as well. However, over the past several seasons, the overall performance of both teams is considered to have dropped or not been as consistent as they should be. Despite all the time they have been placed in the top 6 teams of the Carragher League. “This Sunday's North London derby match will be a great reminder to many that the concept of -big six-in English football is outdated. We only have the -big four right now - what both Arsenal and Tottenham fans are คาสิโนฟรีเครดิต worried about is the fact that they are behind the contenders for the title. how much Including the matter of how long they will be a team outside the group to win the championship

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